We offer innovative solutions to overcome the toughest information system challenges in laboratories.

We will improve your performance

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Focus on essentials, manage information with excellent information systems.

We keep the information in order

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Manage your information with our systems and keep your information secure and easily accessible.

We offer wide range of products

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With us, you will get an integrated package tailored to your needs.

Also for special needs

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We develop systems for the specific needs of our customers. You can rely on our project schedule and price.

Also cloud service

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Easily, flexibly and safely, directly from Finland.


Our Broadsight™ product family is a modular solution for easy information and document management.

Broadsight™ LIMS

A modern laboratory information management system that enables sample management, analysis and reporting process optimization in all types of laboratories.

Broadsight™ RIMS

Provides a platform to manage all your R&D information in one system.

Broadsight ™ AMS

Easily manages all information related to chemicals, solutions, equipment and other laboratory materials.

Broadsight™ QMS

Helps the laboratory to implement a quality system in accordance with ISO 17025/ISO 9000 standards and significantly reduce the work involved in maintaining the quality system.

Fision consulting

Freedom to focus on what matters

Fision Consulting complements our services by offering competent expert support in addition to system projects for quality management system, system validation-, training - and procurement projects - so that you can focus on what really matters.

  • Easy and effortless implementation
  • Efficient Quality Assurance
  • Documentation meeting the requirements
  • Targeted learning for the organization
  • Independent support to procurement projects
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